Ivy for Flower Arranging

Q: How do you preserve English Ivy from wilt in arrangements?

A: Traditionally, when florists and ivy growers want to condition ivy for arrangements they do the following things.
1) avoid too much new growth as it tends to be very tender and wilts quickly
2) submerge the entire ivy runner in cool water for about 15-20 minutes to allow it to soak up as much water as possible.
3) cut the ivy the day before, submerge and then store in a bucket of cool water
4) make fresh cuts when using in arrangements

Since I am not a florist, I am not aware of any other special tricks but I have never had a hard time keeping cut ivy looking fresh in an arrangement using floral foam.

Another AIS member replied:
I've never had much trouble either but there is a product which might be of use that I have had remarkable results with. It's called "Cloud Cover" and is an anti-transpirant. I would apply it prior to cutting, then leave the product, which goes on looking milky, to dry. Once dry an added benefit is it makes the leaves look as nice as if applying leaf shine. I would also guess you could apply it to already cut stems as long as they were fully turgid when it's applied. If receiving cut stems in the mail I would first soak them by covering in water; not just the cut ends. Then allow excess water to dry,
then spray, dry, and get back in water by re-cutting stems, etc.

"Cloud Cover" comes pre-mixed or in concentrate. I was using it on foliage before ripping up the roots and transplanting bonsai. Most plants never lookedback, no shock, no dumping foliage. It should certainly extend the life of cut ivy stems.

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