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Ivy of the Year 2011

Hedera helix 'Ivalace'

Hedera helix Ritterkreuz
Photo: Rachel Cobb


The American Ivy Society has selected Hedera helix ‘Ivalace’ as the ivy of the year for 2011. Over the years, new ivies have come and gone, but some ivies simply can’t be improved. When you find that ivy, you just have to stick with it. Hedera helix ‘Ivalace’ is one of these ivies, you simply can’t improve.

A Curly ivy, in the Pierot Classification system. The leaves have five lobes, with a wavy margin, giving the leaf a cupped appearance. This ivy is self-branching, but light pruning will produces more branching. The Petioles are slightly longer than the leaves, and the new growth is held stiffly upright, but if left on it’s own, it will make long runners. The most unique feature of this ivy is it‘s shinny dark green leaves, which look like they have been varnished. Most English ivies have dull or matte leaves.

This versatile ivy does well as a houseplant, can be used as a ground cover in small areas, and trained in small topiaries. ‘Ivalace has been shown to be winter hardy up to at least zone 5 or -20 degrees (F). In the cool temperatures of winter the leaves will darken and the stems and petioles take on a dark reddish hue.

For successful out door planting, remember to plant deep, removing several of the lower leaves and planting to the new lowest leaves. Ivy will root along the new stem, helping it to become established.

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