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Ivy of the Year List

Hedera helix ‘Midas Touch’

Ivy of the Year 2015
Hedera helix ‘Conglomerata’

Ivy of the Year 2014
Hedera helix ‘Teneriffe’

Ivy of the Year 2013
Hedera helix 'Minigreen'

Ivy of the Year 2012
Hedera helix 'Henriette'

Ivy of the Year 2011
Hedera helix 'Ivalace'

Ivy of the Year 2010
Hedera helix 'Ritterkreuz'

Ivy of the Year 2009
H.h. 'Eva'

Ivy of the Year 2008
H.h. 'Gold Child'

Ivy of the Year 2007
H.h. 'Shamrock'

Ivy of the Year 2006
H.h. 'Anita'

Ivy of the Year 2005
H.h. 'Misty'

Ivy of the Year 2004
H.h. 'Duck Foot'

Ivy of the Year 2003
H.h. 'Golden Ingot'

Ivy of the Year 2002
H.h. 'Teardrop'

Ivy of the Year 2001
H.h. 'Lady Frances'


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"Ivy of the Year"

Because of the surge in popularity of ivy as a pot plant as well as in the garden, The American Ivy Society announced it will select an "Ivy of the Year" annually commencing in 2001. The ivy chosen from the nominees must be easy to grow, hardy, lush, beautiful, and not invasive in the garden.

The "Ivy of the Year" will be chosen by a committee made up of members of The American Ivy Society, nurseryman and growers across the United States. Each ivy will have completed the three year trial period in The American Ivy Society test gardens as well as in commercial nurseries.

When The American Ivy Society was founded in 1974 there were approximately 60 different cultivars of Hedera (Ivy) grown commercially. Today there are over 480 named cultivars. The intense interest in ivy began when people learned that the new ivies are available in an array of colors ranging from all shades of green, green and white to yellows and golds - and they are not invasive as were many of the older cultivars. Some ivy leaves are so delicately cut they resemble the print a bird's foot makes in the sand, while others are curly or fan shaped. They are used as groundcovers, garden specimens, hanging baskets, mixed containers, topiary and the adult forms of ivy are even grown as shrubs.



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